Yoichi Key Malt Series Whisky

Yoichi Key Malt Series Whisky

Yoichi Key Malt Series Whisky

Nikka has launched 3 limited edition of Yoichi Key Malt Series Whisky, the series are not named after their age, but by their unique tastes. The Key Malt Series include Peaty & Salty, which has smoky and fabulous ocean flavors, Woody and Vanillic which has cream and thick chocolate flavors, and Sherry & Sweet, having a fruity and sweet pails. This series is a very rare kind of whisky and it’s well-known for its flavor-theme.

  • Peaty & Salty: Light red amber color, smoky and a touch of the sea.
  • Woody & Vanillic: Light golden amber, with cream and thick chocolate flavor.
  • Sherry & Sweet: Light golden amber, fruity and cheerfully sweet.
  • Acl: 55%
  • Vol: 700ml

Yoichi Whisky NAS

Yoichi Whisky NAS

Yoichi Whisky NAS

The Yoichi Distillery is one of Nikka’s two malt distilleries. It uses imported Scottish peat, and distills on old-school coal-fired stills. The nose has stewed apple, pear, and buttery shortbread. The spice expands further on the palate: ground ginger, nutmeg, and fresh cut vanilla bean. There’s a touch of rawness in the spirit from a fresh bottle, but it quickly dissipates in the glass, and is gone for good by the second dram. Late on the palate there’s vanilla toffee and sweet oily smoke, then the finish adds lemon pith and Chardonnay barrel. The lovely smoke that magically appears after a number of seconds then rolls around the palate and compliments the usual stone fruits

  • Nose: Citrus-flavored boiled sweets, fresh baking aromas from brown bread and vanilla spice.
  • Palate: Sweet entry, fragrant, perfumed citrus. Peat comes through with a touch of smoke and a suggestion of coastal character, surrounded by orange peel and cherry.
  • Finish: Medium length, with a hint of salty breeze lasting, a hallmark of the distillery.
  • Acl: 45%
  • Vol: 700ml

Nikka Gold & Gold Whisky Samurai

Nikka Gold & Gold Whisky Samurai

Nikka Gold & Gold Whisky Samurai

Gold & Gold has been one of the mainstays of Nikka range of blended whiskies since its launch in 1968. This version is actually called 'Shirobin' or 'White bottle', even though the labeling is all in black. The 'white' probably refers to the transparent glass, which can also be described as 'shiroi' in Japanese.

  • Colour: Gold
  • Nose: We’re close to the ‘Blend’, only even drier and a little maltier. Hints of beer and soft spices (ginger). Just as austere, but these whiskies are probably not made for deep nosing.
  • Nose: Salt, pea, oak, peaches, brine
  • Palate: Sweet and vegetal peat, sweet and bitter combo of vanilla and citrus, malt, sea spray.
  • Finish: Is of medium length, with a kind of citric peat, smoke, spice and cream.
  • Alc: 43%
  • Vol: 750ml

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Yoichi Key Malt Series Whisky(700ml)


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Yoichi NAS Whisky (700ml)


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Nikka Gold & Gold Whisky Samurai edition(700ml)


Nikka Gold&Gold Whisky武將版-700ml
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